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CARTE DE L'ILE DE CHIO par Ad. Testevuide, 1877

CARTE DE L'ILE DE CHIO par Ad. Testevuide, 1877

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From long ago, foreign travelers and tourists visited the Turkish-occupied Greece and many of them did not fail to stop at our beautiful island, Chios. [...]

One of these many foreigners and relatively closer to our time was the French doctor Adolphe-Louis Testevuide, who wrote in the 1870s. His own descriptions were illustrated by well-known French painters and then turned into engravings by experienced engravers, which together with the texts were first published in the French travel magazine of the time, "Le Tour du Monde", in the volume of the second half of 1878 and on pages 337 to 368. Since then 125 years have passed without this text being translated, whereas the engravings which often accompanied it thickly appeared in the trade either in original form brutally cut from the magazine or as copies.

This French doctor was a special case, since he not only passed through Chios, but also stayed for several years, since he even married a Chiotissa. The years he stayed in Chios are from about 1866 to certainly 1879. [...]

(from the introduction of the book)
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